again fuck you

hi. im orin. taken. demi fag.

Welcome to the Blog!
This is a personal/my life related blog, other shit isn't on here.

Hey there! Welcome to by blog, where I post stupid shit about my life and what I like. Well, if this blog's gonna be all about me.. Than who am I? I go by many alias, one I mostly use being Orin. I'm just some demiboy drifting through the space-time continum. I enjoy code, photo-editing, jrpgs, ero-guro, and seinen anime quite a bit, so if your into seeing those types of things feel free to stalk this anytime. Oh, and one last thing. The .gif image up there, click on it! It'll lead you to other random images I suppose, the possibilities may be endless. I mostly put vent-type images or just really random shit there.

im really liking this seasons macross is this bad why is it being hated on so much.. 3:

done with school time to laze around all summer and do absolutely nothing.

i take it back this got me to laugh a bit. right click it for the play button idk where the player went

bob ross speaks to me spiritually. tbh. right click it for the play button idk where the player went :\


god i have a really bad headache and sat and school work is really getting me tired

anxiety first thing in the morning thanks nameless unicorn god laughing at my pathetic life :"))

m sleepy. good night world.~

just got done a crying session. always makes me feel better.


soup heals the soul

why do i get scared when people fall asleep?? is there a phobia for that??? somniphobia?? ;;